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We create mobile applications for clients, for whom the application is not fun, but a key part of business

01 Advantages

Being specialized like this has its advantages

Our Office
Our Office



We never just fulfil an assignment:

We actively control the development, from prototype creation to design, coding and final testing.


Our clients respect us:

We are clearly specialized, so they respect our experience and well-established processes. They know that we avoid errors and save them a lot of time and money.


Big projects:

We work not only for startups but also for ŠKODA, Jablotron, various ministries and state authorities. Our apps are used by millions of people (check out our case studies to learn more).


Long-term cooperation:

No top-quality app can be developed in just a week. We’ve been cooperating with most of our clients for months or years and have even become friends with many of them.


We have a good reputation in the industry:

Our apps regularly win awards, both domestically and abroad.

02 Job offerings

Will you join us?

No job offers for you at the moment? Send us a message and we will see...

03 Our Values

We are a team of 45 enthusiasts, with no exceptions.

And we share the same philosophy – good is simply not enough!

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Our Office


Our work has to be meaningful for us, the client, and society as a whole. We love meaningful code. We love meaningful assignments. And it’s the result that makes our work meaningful.


We enjoy the work we do and it’s enjoyable to work with us. We enjoy working in a client’s office and our customers enjoy using our apps.


We are free to make our own decisions and work the way we want, but we understand that even freedom has its limits.

Fair play

We play fair. And we don’t expect anything less from others.


Proud of our achievements. Proud every time a client recommends us. Proud to learn something new.

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Our Office
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Our Meeting Rooms

Design Awards

04 Our Benefits

We offer you


Unlimited budget for education

Technologies are fast things that tend to get ahead of us, so it’s necessary to keep educating ourselves. It only makes sense to put no limit on the budget here.


Contribution for hardware

So you can keep up with the times.


Fruits and drinks in the offices

Club Maté included.


25 days off (20 + 5 for Christmas)

Relax. For real.


Breakfasts / BBQ / beer together

Just like families meet for Sunday lunch, our company meets for Friday breakfasts, BBQs or over a beer. Yay for a couple days per month of no cooking or doing the dishes at home!


Sick days and sick leave

Three days are on us, both sick days and sick leave. We’ve got you covered here!



Sitting at the computer for eight or more hours a day can get pretty crazy. Physical activities clear your mind and help you do better in the office as well.



We don’t do team building because we have to; we simply want to! How about playing board games or doing a sushi course?


Remote office

Every year we spend one week working from some awesome place on Earth. This year it’s Tenerife.


English lessons

English isn’t just about writing code; it always comes in handy at conferences or on your vacation too.

Sound like a place for you? We are always looking for skilled people.
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