Futured Case studies

Some of our apps in detail



Because who wants to wait for their order?

1500+ hours

iOS, Android 2019-2020


Save food from getting thrown out!

+5000 hours

iOS, Android 2018–2019

Skoda Load-In

Drivers can now have us play Tetris with a load for them

+1000 hours

iOS, Android 2018


Experienced and verified workers now easily available for managers in the hospitality industry

2 years, 10 000+ hours

iOS, Android 2018–2019

Gastromapa Lukáše Hejlíka

We like good food. And we like nice apps. So why not bring those two together?

1 year, 1 500 hours

Contact Us

Here can be your app

iOS, Android 2015


Well, what table should we get?

+1000 hours

iOS, Android 2018–2019

Sensorsafe by Cybex

A simple reminder can save a life

1 year, 4 000+ hours

iOS, Android 2018–2019

Angelcam INC

Feeling safe is simply essential

1 year, 5 500+hours