With a well-coordinated team and a tried-and-true creative process, we develop fantastic mobile apps that drive the business of our clients.

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What they promised, they delivered. They communicate transparently and pleasantly while demonstrating professionalism and experience, ensuring their continued collaboration with the National Museum.

Adam Cironis
Heads of Information Systems Department, National museum

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They delivered a quality app that passed our internal quality controls and met all expectations. They have been proactive, working efficiently through their use of agile processes.

Tomas Kotrbaty
Head of Mobile application team, SKODA AUTO

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They developed the app in six months and now more than 500 employees are enthusiastically using it. The team is efficient, responsive and receptive to feedback.

Marketa Baresova
Payroll Leader, Decathlon

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Our clients

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01 Who we are

We have been creating since 2010, and have developed more than 250 apps while accumulating experience across many disciplines. We have a well-coordinated team not only of developers, but designers and testers.


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branches: Prague, Brno and Vienna

02 Our clients

Respected companies and institutions trust us


When creating mobile apps, we take care of everything. And we do mean everything:

Get in touch

First of all, let’s get to know each other

Ideally around the same table. To discuss what you actually need, why you’d like to achieve it, what the weak spots of your business are, and what we can do to help. We’re experts at asking the right questions, so it’s likely we’ll come across things that had never occurred to you before.


Here’s where we get to work—armed with our sketchbooks and computers

And we’ll start drawing, creating, and designing. We’ll look into your competitors, why they do things the way they do and if they can be done totally differently. We’ll be looking for new solutions. In the end, we’ll propose the concept for your new app, with clear arguments and an exact price quote.


Things are heating up – now we verify some hypotheses

Neglect UX (user experience) and the app will usually fail. That’s why we create personas, do research among your customers, and test all the design elements. The result is a prototype that is intuitive for customers to navigate and use.


It has to be solid, down to the last pixel to every last pixel

Our graphics make us look sharp. Each new app gets its own colours, shapes, style, and an original set of icons. We always create a stylebook that describes the visual logic of the app, too. No compromising, not in any phase of the project, and that’s especially true for design. It just has to be perfect.


Now we get to it. Let’s get that app running

We develop the app for both main systems – in Swift (for iOS) and in Kotlin (for Android). We often make our own libraries that we create during the process available as opensource. And we run automatic tests for each step of development. Just to be sure.


Finished apps are forged in fire

We’ve got a special tester on the team—our coders’ least favorite person. His one and only job: to find bugs. He puts every app through absolute torture, and on all devices. And bugs he finds get squashed immediately.


It’s coming – D day, zero hour. We’re ready

Here it is – your new app is getting released! All this is just the beginning, though. We’ll take care of marketing and get people to actually download it. We’ll run the campaigns, create texts for it, and every day we’ll monitor how people are rating it. In short, we’ll look after it for you.


In the app, we prefer to measure just everything

The app is packed with mobile analytics that tell us everything: what users open it, what they do there, which way they leave, when the app crashes, why and how exactly… This enables us to optimize and further modify any of its elements. We’re there for you all the time.


We care all the time

Especially when you need an upgrade or a second app.