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Experienced and verified workers now easily available for managers in the hospitality industry

2 years, 10 000+ hours

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Experienced workers that are ready to work full-time are hard to find. And that’s especially true for stand-ins or seasonal workers. You create an ad, sort through candidates, and do interviews, only to pick the wrong people time after time… Grason is here to do all this for the managers, as it mediates contact only with the most suitable candidates.

The app for iOS was written in Swift using the MVVM-C architecture. The app for Android was written in Kotlin using the MVI architecture. And the back-end runs on AWS (Amazon) and was written in PHP and is driven by a MySQL database.


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02 Assignment

All new

All new

To make it easier for managers to find suitable workers and process the necessary paperwork. And to offer a more attractive and flexible opportunity to earn some money to grasons (and now full-time jobs as well).

First, we created the website to verify that our idea was viable, and then we continued with the app that we were developing already while looking for the first workers based on feedback from candidates as well as managers.







Our goal was to create a basic mobile application for Android and iOS platforms, including a back-end solution, while using the latest technologies that we can quickly deliver to the users.

All this had to work even during the predicted exponential growth of the user base. At the same time, it was necessary to keep the entire project within the predetermined budget. This restriction applied to both development as well as subsequent development of both the app and the back-end solution.

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03 Overcoming obstacles

What we had to deal with

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We were growing fast, so the back-end app had to be designed to handle that rapid growth.The app is based on working with people; we wanted them to use it regularly and find some relevant content there.We had to make life easier for managers, not more complicated. It was necessary that they could go from start to finish in a single app.In addition to stand-ins and one-time offers in catering, we wanted to cover full-time jobs as well.


04 Highlights

How we resolved it

How we resolved it


Amazon Cloud AWS

Its infrastructure runs on Amazon Cloud AWS, so we can scale sources as needed. In the beginning, we didn’t have to pay any extra fees, and today we can handle even a major increase in operation.


Smart notifier

We developed a smart notifier to contact available grasons with corresponding experience. We react flexibly based on current supply and demand without spamming candidates with offers they’re not interested in.


Full-time jobs

The managers can advertise full-time jobs as well. Once they see how a grason handles regular shifts, they may offer them a full-time job.


Swift & Kotlin

The version for iOS was written in Swift with the MVVM-C architecture. The version for Android was written in Kotlin with the MVI architecture. In the beginning, we considered having two mobile apps – one for the grasons and the other for restaurant managers. Eventually, however, we decided for a single mobile app for both groups to simplify the source code administration and keep the design and features unified. Also, a lot of its features are used by both groups.


Detailed analysis

When working on the back-end solution, we had to choose the right architecture, coding language as well as the subsequent infrastructure. Here, we had to conduct a detailed analysis and take all the assignment criteria into consideration.


Priority: Automation

We decided to build the entire platform in such a way that we could release a new version of both the app and back-end in just a few minutes. Automation was essential for us from the very beginning, and it remains a priority. And it’s this automation that enables us to efficiently and quickly develop for a reasonable price, despite the higher initial costs that come with correctly designing and setting up the automation process.

05 Results



After more than 20 iterations, we finalized the app, which now arranges jobs for over 1,000 grasons at 100+ places in Prague, Brno, and Pilsen. And the numbers are still growing!

The back-end solution uses AWS Amazon Cloud, it is written in PHP and driven by a MySQL database.

Also, we use AWS DynamoDB, a NoSQL database, for non-structured data, such as logos and analytics. In Futured, there is no DevOps position, which is why the developers take care of the infrastructure themselves, using Terraform and Terragrunt. For the development, we use Docker which allows us to completely simulate the production environment. Each bug is logged and analysed using Sentry.


grasons were verified and allowed access to the app


hours of shifts arranged by Grason since its launch


CZK earned by grasons so far

06 Recognition




The most uswful app – AppParade



2nd place – Idea of the Year – Vodafone



1st place – Women Startup Competition ČR

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